PV Grid-connected Box-Three Phase

Using hot-dip galvanized steel plate, the cabinet structure is safe and reliable, with sufficient mechanical strength. The product has anti-islanding protection, pressure closing, voltage loss tripping, grid low voltage, grid overvoltage, input lightning protection, system overcurrent, grid isolation, etc. A range of protections.



The photovoltaic grid-connected box is used for photovoltaic power stations built near the user’s site. The operation method is that the user side uses it for its own use and the excess electricity is connected to the Internet. In order to maximize the safe operation of the system, ensure the safe coordination between the inverter and the mains power grid, and improve Photovoltaic grid-connected distribution box designed for system reliability and electric energy measurement. This product has the characteristics of high protection level, long service life, easy installation and operation, etc.

Scenes To Be Used

Industrial photovoltaic system: In industrial photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic grid-connected cabinets play an important role in the grid-connected current and voltage of the power generation system, and can safely and stably output the power of the power generation system to the grid.

Commercial photovoltaic system: In commercial photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic grid-connected cabinets can be used for grid-connected current and voltage control and other functions to ensure the realization of power generation effects and commercial interests.

Home photovoltaic system: The grid-connected power of the home photovoltaic system is not large, but the monitoring and protection of the grid-connected current are necessary. The photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet can measure, monitor and protect it.

Product number MGF-CD (three-phase)
Power 3KW~200KW
Number of grid-connected output channels 1
Grid connection requirements Single phase/three phase grid connection
Grid voltage AC:380
Switching capacity 32A-400A
Protective function
Short circuit protection YES
Overload protection YES
Lightning protection Yes (nominal current:ln:20KA,lmax:40KA,Up W4kV)
Isolation protection (visual breakpoints) Yes (knife switch/hand-pull isolating switch)
Over and under voltage protection YES
Automatic reclosing YES
Grid connection switch
Resettable over- and under-voltage protector (optional)
1. Grid power outage or bias>20%When , it will automatically disconnect (internal disconnection);
2. when the power grid returns to normal, it will automatically close (connect internally);
 Photovoltaic small reclosing circuit breaker (optional)
1. Grid power outage or bias>20%When, the gate opens automatically (operating handle moves);
2. when the power grid returns to normal, it will automatically close (operating handle action);
3.Manual operation and automatic operation can be switched;
4. Check for pressure closing
Plastic case reclosing (optional) 1. Grid power outage or bias>20%when, automatic tripping (delayed tripping time0~10SAdjustable>;
40A-400A 2. When the power grid returns to normal, it will automatically close;
3. Manual operation and automatic operation can be switched;
4. phase loss protection, zero-break protection
5. Check for pressure closing
Suitable for environment
temperature, humidity Operating temperature:-25to+60°Cstorage temperature:
-40to+70°C: humidity:0-90%
No condensation; no corrosive gas place (if any, please specify)
Use altitude W3000M
Resistant to salt spray Standard salt spray test 336Hour
General parameters
Cabinet material Stainless steel, cold-rolled plate spraying, stainless steel spraying, fiberglass(SMC), transparent plastic box
Protection level  outdoorIP45/IP55/IP65
Cabinet type Double door with meter position (power distribution bin, metering bin) Single door without metering bin (optional)
Installation method Wall-mounted
Box size (length·width·height) Customized on demand