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Learn about Mingguan’s history and its future, and how to bring green energy to everyone.
The History Of Mingguan

The Development History Of Mingguan Electric

In 1999, the early Mingguan mainly engaged in the research and development of injection molded electrical accessories products. At that time, there were only six employees and two equipments.

In The Early Stages Of Establishment

Mingguan Electric Co., Ltd. Headquarters

In 2006, the production line of metal accessories was increased, and some products were recognized by State Grid and became one of its designated suppliers.

Entering Industries such as communication, railways, and lighting fixtures

Since 2013, we have actively participated in various large-scale commercial exhibitions in China, further enhancing the brand awareness and reputation of MINGGUAN.

Creating The MINGGUAN Brand

In 2015, it gradually involved the supply and technical support of equipment in the aerospace field, and opened network platforms such as Alibaba domestic and international stations, Made in China, Google, Amazon, etc.

Entering Overseas Markets

In 2018, with the arrival of the 5G era, the Mingguan team insight into a new market direction, invested 3 million yuan to enter the distribution box market, and launched various waterproof boxes and distribution box kit series products in the same year. 

Pursuing Business Expansion

In 2020, with the challenges of iteration and updates in the international economic market, Mingguan still adhered to the market as the guide and customer-centric approach, silently contributing to the realization of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” on Earth.

Cross Border Photovoltaic

Future goal spread green energy around the world

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