PV Solar Connectors-PV-MGT4

Safety and Durability: Designed to be weather-resistant and durable, T-connectors ensure safe and reliable electrical connections in various environmental conditions.

Installation and Maintenance Ease: Their user-friendly design simplifies the installation and maintenance process, allowing for easy system expansion or modification.

Energy Efficiency: High-quality T-connectors help minimize energy loss at connection points, which is vital for maintaining the efficiency of the solar power system.

Overall, T-connectors are key components in solar installations, contributing to the system’s flexibility, safety, and efficiency.



Connecting Solar Panels: They enable the linking of multiple solar panels, either in series or parallel, to enhance the system’s overall power output.

Application scenarios

Solar Panel Arrays: Ideal for connecting multiple solar panels, either in residential, commercial, or industrial solar installations.

RVs and Boats: Commonly used in mobile solar setups on recreational vehicles and marine vessels, where space and efficiency are crucial.

Portable and Off-grid Solar Systems: Essential for temporary or remote solar installations, like in camping setups or off-grid cabins.

Home Solar Systems: Useful for homeowners looking to expand or reconfigure their rooftop or ground-mounted solar arrays.

Garden and Outdoor Lighting: Frequently employed in solar-powered garden lighting systems, allowing easy connection and expansion.

DIY Solar Projects: Popular among enthusiasts for building custom solar-powered applications due to their flexibility and simplicity.

In each scenario, T-connectors facilitate the efficient, safe, and convenient connection of solar panels and related components.

Insulation materials PPO
Material Copper,Tin plated
Applicable current 30A
Rated voltage 1000V(TUV) 600V(UL)
Testing voltage 6kA(TUV50Hz,1 min)
Contact resistance <0.5mΩ
Protection grade IP67
Temperature range -40℃~+85℃
Flame level UL94-V0
Security level ||
Pin size φ4mm