PV Fuse-1000V 32A

DC fuse is an electronic component used to protect circuits and equipment from overcurrent damage.



DC fuse plays a role similar to a fuse in a DC circuit, with its internal fuse. Fuses are usually made of metal alloys and have a lower melting point. When the current exceeds the rated current of the fuse, the fuse is heated and reaches the melting temperature before breaking, thereby cutting off the flow of current. This type of fuse plays a protective role in the circuit, preventing excessive current from damaging the circuit or equipment.

Scenes To Be Used

MGPV series fuses are mainly used in DC combiner boxes for solar photovoltaic power generation, to break off the line overload and short circuit currents that may be generated by the current feedback of solar panels, photovoltaic modules, and inverters, thereby protecting the solar photovoltaic module panels. Fuses can also be optionally equipped in any other DC circuit as line overload and short circuit protection for electrical components.

Technical data
Model Number MGPV-32
Pole 1P
Rated Current(In) 2-32A
Fuse Link Size 10×38
Rated Voltage DC1000V
Breaking Capacity(KA) 20
Working Temperature(℃) -30~+70
Class Operation gPV
Time Constant 1-3ms
Protection Class/Degree IP20
Standard IEC60269-6
Installation Class/Type Class Ⅲ/DIN rail