PV Connector -1500V

Solar photovoltaic connectors are devices used to establish safe and reliable electrical connections between solar panels. They are also used to connect solar panels to other parts of the solar system, such as inverters, charge controllers, and batteries. These connectors ensure efficient energy transfer and minimize power loss in the system.



The drum-shaped crown spring contact ensures a safe and solid electrical connection.

Certified by TUV, UL, IEC, and CE, these connectors are compatible with over 2000 popular solar module connectors.

The male and female connectors have a self-locking feature, which makes installation convenient and reliable.

A ratchet mechanism design locks the nut cover to prevent loosening after long-term use.

With a multi-contact point design, the contact resistance is less than 0.35mΩ, resulting in minimal heating and low power consumption.

The connectors are resistant to aging and UV rays, making them suitable for use in a variety of harsh outdoor environments.

Application scenarios

一、Solar Power Stations:

Photovoltaic connectors in solar power stations are used for cable and component connections. Their waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant features ensure the station’s long-term and stable power generation.

二、Distributed Solar Power Stations:

In distributed solar power stations in urban and commercial areas, photovoltaic connectors are widely used due to their safety, ease of use (easy to disassemble and install), and waterproof and dustproof properties.

三、Solar Photovoltaic Components:

As key elements of solar photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic connectors ensure normal operation under harsh conditions when connecting solar components, with capabilities of being waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant.

四、Home Solar Power Generation:

With the spread of photovoltaic technology, photovoltaic connectors in home solar systems, characterized by easy installation, waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant properties, help households achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Technical Parameter Solar Connector-PJ
Connector system ф4mm
Rated voltage 1500V DC(IEC)
Rated current 30A,45A(1.5mm²,2.5mm²;14AWG,4mm²;6mm²;12AWG,10AWG)
Test voltage 6kV(50Hz,1min)
Ambient tempoerature range -40℃~90℃(IEC) -40℃~75℃(UL)
Upper limiting temper ature +105℃(IEC)
Degree of protection,mated IP68
unmaied IP2X
Comtact reastanceof plug conrwtors 0.5mΩ
Safety class II
Contact matenal Messing,verzinnt  Copper Alloy,tin plated
Lockirg system PC/PPO
Fockirg system Snap-in
Flane class UL-94-V0
Salt mist spray test,degree of sevenity 5 IEC 60068-2-52