Plastic Waterproof Box-Buckle enclosure box

This product boasts outstanding insulation capabilities, resistance to chemical corrosion, and durability against mechanical pressure. Complying with the rigorous standards of IP66 protection, it ensures both dustproof and waterproof qualities, and can withstand high temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. Constructed from materials such as ABS and polystyrene, it not only exhibits a visually appealing design but also robust performance. These features make it ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including small terminal boxes, button boxes, signal devices, relays, meters, communication junction boxes, and other similar equipment.



This box, characterized by its excellent sealing capabilities, is chiefly intended for waterproofing. It effectively shields its contents from the detrimental effects of moisture and humidity, thus averting potential equipment failures or electrical short circuits. This protective measure ensures a strong defense against environmental conditions.

Scenes To Be Used

Home Organization: In residential settings, these boxes are ideal for storing items like clothing, toys, and seasonal decorations. Their lightweight and waterproof characteristics make them suitable for home use, where they can help organize and protect belongings.

Office Storage: In office environments, plastic buckle boxes serve well for organizing and storing documents, office supplies, and equipment. They are beneficial for keeping office spaces tidy and ensuring that materials are easily accessible.

Industrial Storage: In industries such as manufacturing and logistics, these boxes are used extensively for storing and transporting goods. Their durability and stackability make them practical for industrial settings where robust storage solutions are needed.

The advantages of plastic buckle boxes include their durability, lightweight nature, waterproof properties, and the ability to stack them, saving space. However, it’s important to consider their environmental impact, as they are not biodegradable, and their limited customization options compared to materials like cardboard or wood.

In summary, plastic buckle boxes are a versatile and practical solution for storage and organization across various settings, from homes and offices to industrial environments. Their selection should be based on specific needs and considering their pros and cons.

Size PRODUCT MODEL(Plastic Buckle Type) Plate Model Plate Size
W  H  D ABS PC/ABS PC PC Plastics Matel M1 M2
Cover:Grey ABS   Body:Grey ABS Cover:Transparent PC   Body:Grey PC Cover:Grey PC   Body:Grey PC Cover:Transparent PC   Body:Grey PC
100X150X70 PK-AG-1050 PK-AT-1050 PK-PG-1050 PK-PT-1050 PK-1050P PK-1050 76 126
100X200X70 PK-AG-1020 PK-AT-1020 PK-PG-1020 PK-PT-1020 PK-1020P PK-1020 75 176
110x260x100 PK-AG-1126 PK-AT-1126 PK-PG-1126 PK-PT-1126 PK-1126 83 233
110X260X75 PK-AG-1126-S PK-AT-1126-S PK-PG-1126-S PK-PT-1126-S PK-1126-S 83 233
135X155X80 PK-AG-1315 PK-AT-1315 PK-PG-1315 PK-PT-1315 PK-1315 110 130
135X185X110 PK-AG-1318-S PK-AT-1318-S PK-PG-1318-S PK-PT-1318-S PK-1318-S 108 158
135X185X80 PK-AG-1318 PK-AT-1318 PK-PG-1318 PK-PT-1318 PK-1318 108 158
150X150X90 PK-AG-1515 PK-AT-1515 PK-PG-1515 PK-PT-1515 PK-1515P PK-1515 124 124
170*220*110 PK-AG-1722 PK-AT-1722 PK-PG-1722 PK-PT-1722 PK-1722P PK-1722 145 196
170X270X110 PK-AG-1727 PK-AT-1727 PK-PG-1727 PK-PT-1727 PK-1727P PK-1727 143 243
190X290X140 PK-AG-1929 PK-AT-1929 PK-PG-1929 PK-PT-1929 PK-1929P PK-1929 158 256
200*300*150 PK-AG-2030 PK-AT-2030 PK-PG-2030 PK-PT-2030 PK-2030P PK-2030 180 257
250X300X150 PK-AG-2530 PK-AT-2530 PK-PG-2530 PK-PT-2530 PK-2530P PK-2530 235 285
250X300X180 PK-AG-2530-S PK-AT-2530-S PK-PG-2530-S PK-PT-2530-S PK-2530P-S PK-2530-S 235 285
250X350X150 PK-AG-2535 PK-AT-2535 PK-PG-2535 PK-PT-2535 PK-2535P PK-2535 226 326
250x350x180 PK-AG-2535-S PK-AT-2535-S PK-PG-2535-S PK-PT-2535-S PK-2535P-S PK-2535-S 226 326
290X190X140 PK-AG-2919 PK-AT-2919 PK-PG-2919 PK-PT-2919 PK-2919P PK-2919 254 363
290X390X160 PK-AG-2939 PK-AT-2939 PK-PG-2939 PK-PT-2939 PK-2939P PK-2939 254 363
300*300*160 PK-AG-3030 PK-AT-3030 PK-PG-3030 PK-PT-3030 PK-3030P PK-3030 254 285
300*400*160 PK-AG-3040 PK-AT-3040 PK-PG-3040 PK-PT-3040 PK-3040P PK-3040 254 285
300X300X130 PK-AG-3030-1 PK-AT-3030-1 PK-PG-3030-1 PK-PT-3030-1 PK-3030P-1 PK-3030-1 299 299
300X300X180 PK-AG-3030-S PK-AT-3030-S PK-PG-3030-S PK-PT-3030-S PK-3030P-S PK-3030-S 299 299
350X465X160 PK-AG-3546-S PK-AT-3546-S PK-PG-3546-S PK-PT-3546-S PK-3546P-S PK-3546-S 399 452
350X465X200 PK-AG-3546 PK-AT-2546 PK-PG-2546 PK-PT-2546 PK-2546P PK-2546 399 452
400*500*200 PK-AG-4050 PK-AT-4050 PK-PG-4050 PK-PT-4050 PK-4050P PK-4050 452 532
400*600*220 PK-AG-4060 PK-AT-4060 PK-PG-4060 PK-PT-4060 PK-4060P PK-4060 452 532
530X255X630 PK-AG-5325 PK-AT-5325 PK-5325 475 575
530X630X185 PK-AG-5360 PK-AT-5360 PK-5360 475 575
530X730X185 PK-AG-5370 PK-AT-5370 PK-5370 475 575
530X730X255 PK-AG-5370-S PK-AT-5370-S PK-5370-S 475 675
630X830X185 PK-AG-6383 PK-AT-6383 PK-6383 475 675
630X830X285 PK-AG-6383-S PK-AT-6383-S PK-6383-S 575 775
575 775