MGV-DCPV8 Non Intelligent without Diode

*The shell is made of hot-dip galvanized steel plate, and the cabinet structure is safe and reliable with sufficient mechanical strength

*Ensure that the components are anti-shock and deformation during operation after installation.

*Protection grade IP65

*Waterproof, dust-proof, rust-proof and anti saltwater, easy for outdoor installation

*8-way photovoltaic array can be connected at the same time



A DC PV Combiner Box in solar systems aggregates multiple DC inputs from solar panels into one DC output, streamlining connections to the inverter.

Scenes To Be Used

Large Solar Installations: Manages outputs from numerous panels efficiently.

System Expansion: Facilitates adding new panels with minimal wiring changes.

Safety and Maintenance: Incorporates protective features like circuit breakers.

Voltage and Current Optimization: Aligns panel configuration with inverter needs.

Harsh Environments: Centralizes protection against extreme weather conditions.

Performance Monitoring: Allows for monitoring and managing individual panel strings.

 Technical Parameters :
Cats. No. MGV-DCPV8
System Max. DC Voltage(V) 1000
Max. Input Current for Each String 15A
Max. Input strings 8
Max. Output Switch Current 120A
Number of Output Strings 1
Lighting Protection
Category of Test II Grade Protection
Nominal Discharge Current 20kA
Max. Discharge Current 40kA
Voltage Protection Level 3.8kV
Max. Continuous Operating Voltage Uc 1000V
Poles 3P
Structure Characteristic Plug-push Module
Protection Grade IP65
Output Switch DC Isolation Switch (standard) / DC Circuit Breaker (optional)
MC4 Waterproof Connectors Optional
PV DC Fuse Standard
PV Surge Protector Standard
Monitoring Module N/A
Preventing Diode N/A
Radiator Panel N/A
Box Material Metal
Installation Method Wall Mounting Type
Operating Temperature -25°C ~+55°C
Max. Elevation 2km
Permissible Relative Humidity 0-95%,
0-95%, no condensation