In solar photovoltaic power generation systems, a combiner box is used to reduce the connection between the solar photovoltaic cell array and the inverter. Users can connect a certain number of photovoltaic cells with the same specifications in series to form photovoltaic series, and then connect several photovoltaic series in parallel to the photovoltaic converging lightning protection box. After converging in the photovoltaic lightning protection combining box, the user can Inverters, DC distribution cabinets, photovoltaic inverters, and AC distribution cabinets are used in conjunction to form a complete photovoltaic power generation system that can be connected to the mains grid.

Scenes To Be Used

The PV Combiner Box, including the DIN-rail type, is primarily used in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to combine the output of multiple solar panels, ensuring safe and efficient operation in residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations.

Model No. MGV-DCPV2
System DC voltage V 1000V
Input current per channel 20A
Number of Inputs 4
Maximum output switching current 80A
Number of output channels 1
Lightning protection
Test category II pole protection
Nominal discharge current 20KA
Maximum discharge current 40KA
Voltage protection level 3.8KV
Maximum continuous operating voltage 1000V
Number of poles 3P
Structural Features Plug-in Module
Protection class  IP65
Output switch DC circuit breaker (standard)/DC rotary disconnect switch (optional)
MC4/waterproof connector standard
PV DC fuse standard
PV DC surge protection Standard
Monitoring module None
Anti-reverse diode None
Heat sink No
Case Material ABS+PC
Mounting Type Wall Mounted
Operating Temperature  -25°C +55°C
Altitude 2000 meters
Allowable Relative Humidity 0-95%, No Condensation